All That An English Student Needs 2024.

All That An English Student Needs

Salam Alikom All my brothers and Sisters

???How r u all

Hope everyone is ok and feel great and suceeds

Hereunder, Some Suggested english Learning websites That can help beginner , intermediate , and even advanced students

For General english
(English language games)
(idioms, phrasal verbs, slang, quizzes)
(Games to practice English)
(Complete language course on-line)
(English newsletter for learning English)
(On-line english course – Intermediate & Advanced)
(On-line english course)
(On-line Conversation Course/New lesson every day)
(On-line english course)
(On-line english course)
(General English)
(Collection of 20-30 Minute english classes)
(Questions for Conversation Practice)

ow .. it looks useful thank you BOSS
any time
welcome maxima 🙂
ya it seems that it will benifit pupils in the different fields of education even teachers 🙂

thank you alot we apriciate your efforts in helping to improve our English language

مشكوره اختي ع المرور ..


it’s realy very useful

thanks alot Booooos

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